About Oilfield Services from Capital Solutions

Capital Solutions Bancorp and its Oilfield Services Division is a financial services company with operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The company's United States headquarters is in Fort Myers, FL. Paul Simko and Carlos Weil founded the company in 1996 as an independent offshoot of a 43-year-old South American financial services firm.

Through its Oilfield Services Division, Capital Solutions provides flexible and affordable working capital to small and mid-size oilfield services companies to help them grow. The founders established the firm to offer reasonable financing options for businesses struggling to get financing from traditional banks.

Paul and Carlos ensure that Capital Solutions' oilfield customers continue to receive the firm's trademark of fast and personalized services. Every oilfield-services client gets customized services and direct contact with key decision makers for instant notification of funding decisions.

You won't find a better team ready and willing to support you and your business to help it grow. Contact us today and ask how we can help you.

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Main U.S. Office
Mr. Carlos Weil - Chief Executive Officer
12751 World Plaza Lane
Fort Myers, FL 33907
Phone (800) 499-6179
Fax (239) 277-5408