Getting Cash with Accounts Receivables Financing

Do you constantly look at your calendar to see if 30 days have passed knowing that your customers have 30 days to pay your invoices? Some businesses may wait 45 or 60 days depending on the agreed upon terms. When customers pay late or have no due date, then how do you pay suppliers, buy more equipment and make payroll?

Receive money the same day you submit your invoices

With accounts receivable financing, you can stop watching the calendar. Instead, get your invoices paid the same day you submit your invoices to Capital Solutions. It is easy to qualify and you can have us handle all collections. Accounts receivables financing gets the money to you much faster so you can focus more time on your core business activities and less on chasing payments.

How to turn 30 days into "same day"

Getting your money is easy and quick after you're set up for accounts receivable financing. Here are the steps:

  1. You submit a list of the invoices sent to your clients that you want paid today.
  2. Capital Solutions checks validity of the submitted invoices.
  3. Capital Solutions sends a wire with 80% of the invoice amount the same day we verify the invoices.
  4. Customers pay their invoices to Capital Solutions.
  5. Capital Solutions sends a wire for the remaining amount of the invoices minus a nominal fee for the service.

Learn how you can qualify with five fast steps to funding. Or if you're ready to talk, contact us for a no obligation conversation to learn how an accounts receivable financing program will help your business grow.