7 Ways Email Marketing Helps Grow Your Oilfield Services Business

June 03, 2011

Email marketing continues to be a very effective tool in spite of spam and the growing use of social media. The advantage of email marketing is that it can accomplish many things with a single email: generate leads, brand, stay in touch with customers, drive traffic, share knowledge and build credibility.

With email newsletter services offering a variety of options, email marketing doesn't require you be a professional designer or writer to create email newsletters or email campaigns. Some email newsletter service providers are set up so you can do email newsletters yourself. Others that aren't as user-friendly in creating emails offer other advantages such as detailed reporting.

Here are seven ways how email marketing can help you grow your oilfield services business.

  1. Target prospects and customers. When people subscribe to an email newsletter, it shows they're interested in the topic. That's a start in identifying the right prospects. Lead scoring can help you find the ones who have the highest chance of becoming a customer and some email newsletter services provide this feature as part of reporting. You can segment your email lists to send one edition to one list and a different edition to another.
  2. Save on marketing costs. There are email services for every budget. They also have more flexibility than other marketing programs such as list segmentation that helps with targeting. With no stamps, physical delivery, printing or paper costs, you'll save money and trees. It'll give you more cash flow.
  3. Stay top of mind. When a drilling part breaks, an oil and gas drilling company will need to find a replacement. The company may not have a contact. If they subscribe to an email newsletter from a company that replaces parts, they're more apt to think of this company because they hear from them on a regular basis.
  4. Share other content. If your company has a LinkedIn or Facebook page, you can link to those from the email newsletter. You can link to all of your online content to each other, which helps you expand your reach. Some people prefer to get communications in one form and not another. You won't miss any opportunities when you cross-promote your content.
  5. Promote sharing. Readers can easily share the email newsletter and its contents with a "forward" or other sharing feature. They may also share it in social networks, which increase your chances and finding new prospects.
  6. Test different elements. A lot of companies do A/B testing where they test two different subject lines to see which one leads to a better open rate. You can also create two different offers and test them. It doesn't take much time to create and test the offers since all electronic and reports can instantly give you the results.
  7. Get response rates reports. As soon as you send the email, the service starts collecting data and producing reports that reveal who opened the email, forwarded the email and clicked specific links.

An email newsletter's contents need to focus on the readers not the company as no one wants to read an entire email newsletter that talks about the company. The 80/20 principle works well -- 80 percent of the newsletter contains free information, tips, advice and so on while 20 percent includes offers and self-promotion.

Sometimes companies send a brief email between newsletters to promote an upcoming event or offer. To gain credibility and trust, focus on delivering useful content and you'll see your oilfield services business grow.

Think about your favorite email newsletters. What makes them better than the rest? How does it affect your relationship with the company sending the newsletter?