Manage Cash Flow: Top 10 Posts of 2011

December 26, 2011

Even if your business had the same amount or more work this year despite the tough economy, it may have struggled to get paid. Nothing else matters when you don't have enough cash flow. It doesn't matter that you have more customers than ever. It doesn't matter that you have bigger projects or contracts. What does matter is having cash when you need it.

The following 10 articles tell you almost everything you need to know to ensure you reach and maintain cash flow Zen.

1. Understanding Cash Flow Statements. This article defines cash flow and discusses how cash flow statements help you identify trends of cash flowing in and out of your business. When done right, cash flow statements can predict your company's cash flow future.

2. 5 Laws for Health Cash Flow. Discover the three things you can't do without cash and the activities that affect cash flow. Plus, get five tips for managing cash flow.

3. How to Find More Cash without New Customers. Some companies have seen more profit this year without adding more clients. They found ways to cut expenses and move things around.

4. 6 More Ways to Improve Cash Flow. You have many options for finding cash without new clients. Article #3 gives you some ideas and this adds a few more.

5. Prepare to Request Financing. Getting funding can help your cash flow get back on track or to take the next step to grow your business. It takes money to make money, and the same applies in growing the business. Financing gives you the extra push you need to buy supplies or bring in needed resources so you can handle bigger orders or projects.

6. Does Your Small Business Really Need a Loan? Too often, business owners assume financing is the answer to growth or cash flow problems. Sometimes skipping the loan can be the best thing.

7. The Effects of Accounts Receivables, Debt and Expenses on Cash Flow. A company can have all the customers it wants in the world and could very well go bankrupt the next week if it doesn't have cash flow under control. This article looks at how these three things affect cash flow.

8. Small Business Needs More Cash Upfront. This shares a great example of how a growing company that received more and bigger projects ended up short on cash. The article also includes advice from experts on how to get receivables faster.

9. Don't Be One of the 43% of Companies Getting Paid Late. One of the biggest factors to unstable cash flow is customers taking too long to pay what they owe you. This article quotes troubling statistics from a debt collection survey and provides six tips to stop the late payments.

10. How to Master the Art of Cash Flow Management. Follow these seven rules and you'll be on your way to becoming a master of cash flow management. Why master cash flow management? It makes your business more attractive to lenders, it strengthens your company's ability to survive all kinds of economic climates and it prepares you for the worst. No one likes to think about the worst happening, but better to be prepared for it and ride it out than the alternative.

How did your year go? What's on the agenda for the New Year? What topics would you like to read about in future posts?