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An Oilfield-Services Financing Story

January 12, 2010

Meet Anne. She works in the oil and gas business selling equipment to oilfield-services companies seeking to replace broken or missing parts. Anne receives a call from a client's contact named Ted. The contact proposes one of those deals that most of us dream about, but rarely hear about.

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Big Oil Comes to Barnett Shale of Texas

January 05, 2010

First Exxon buys XTO Energy, now France's Total S.A., the fifth largest oil and gas company in the world, has purchased 25 percent of Chesapeake Energy Corp's Barnett Shale assets for $2.25 billion.

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Review Your Oilfield Contracts, Loans and Funds for Cost Savings

December 15, 2009

Although we're hearing the economy is turning around, get a jump on better deals now while the economy is still in challenge mode. Start by reviewing your current contracts, loans and funding to see if you can do better. It can't hurt to ask. All they can do is say, "No."

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Exxon Purchases XTO Energy and Plunges into Natural Gas

December 14, 2009

The last time Exxon made a major deal was when it merged with Mobil in 1999. Exxon says it will acquire XTO Energy Inc. of Fort Worth, TX for $31 billion in stock and inherit its $10 billion debt. XTO is one of the largest energy producers for tapping unconventional resources trapped in sands with a resource base of 45 trillion cubic feet of gas including shale gas, tight gas, coal bed methane and shale oil.

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