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2011's Natural Gas Hot Spot: Eagle Ford Shale

January 07, 2011

The oil and gas industry undoubtedly had an adventurous 2010 that left many uncertain how it would fare in 2011. Good news has already arrived courtesy a few of the largest oil and gas companies as well as smaller ones all eyeing one shale play in South Texas.

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Small Businesses Struggle to Obtain Loans

December 21, 2010

Small business loans rarely make sense. Banks will give a loan to a new business that has been in business for one day, yet they turn down a business with good personal credit and money in the bank. Another one had to wait over a year to get the loan, yet the bank provided a loan for under $50,000 without looking at the company's financial records. Stories like these are everywhere.

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How to Deal with the Lost of a Big Client

December 10, 2010

If your biggest client calls you today to break up, what will you do? How does it affect your business? Whether the loss has a small or large impact on your business, it's still a shock. It hurts to lose a client no matter the reason. It's OK to feel angry, upset or sad as long as you leave the yelling and head banging at home.

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Do You Rely on One Client for Bulk of Income?

December 08, 2010

Someone I know had just two clients in the beginning of her small business, which was a part-time deal because she had a corporate job. One client provided steady work. The other only needed her services here and there. Nothing consistent. She was happy with her balanced workload especially since she did the work after hours. She wasn't looking to grow the business into a million dollar business.

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Grow Your Business without a Marketing Budget

December 03, 2010

Articles on small marketing budgets often make the following point: don't slow down marketing activities or cut its budget when things slow down. To do this means falling behind your competitors who keep pumping the marketing machine knowing it takes time to bring on new clients. If you take a break from marketing, that's lost time.

When business or the economy gets better, it'll most likely be too late for your business as you'll be in catch up mode while competitors grow their businesses.

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The Critical Role of Cash Flow and Timing

November 30, 2010

A television show told the story of an unemployed married couple who relied on their welfare checks. Out of work for over two years and raising a toddler, they only had $37 left after paying all their bills. This happened every month and would continue unless they found jobs, or worse, the welfare checks stop coming.

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Should You Keep Using Business Cards?

November 22, 2010

For over a decade, I've used a Palm device (owned at least three models over the years) to manage my personal information. Then, two years ago, I decided it was time to upgrading Palm devices and let the latest one go when it gave out. By then, I had a BlackBerry and it was pointless to carry two gadgets. Though I dumped the hardware, I continued to use Palm's desktop software until I finally switched.

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Spend More Time on Profit Generating Tasks and Less on Administrative Tasks

November 17, 2010

Sometimes admin tasks tie us down and take energy away from the things we love to do -- the core business. Not doing admin work means not getting paid. After all, creating invoices  and chasing payments count as admin tasks. What we can do is evaluate the tasks we do and determine if we need them, delegate them or shorten them.

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How to Win over Gatekeepers and Connect with Decision-Makers

October 29, 2010

We blogged about how you can grow your business with cold calls. The key takeaway from that post is to make sure you're targeting the right people. Here we explore how to work with gatekeepers as you're bound to run into a few. Actually, when given the choice of gatekeeper or voice mail, cross your fingers that you reach the gatekeeper. Unlike with voice mail, you can build a rapport with gatekeepers. They can also become your insider into the company and decision-maker.

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Dealing with Cash Flow Problems

October 27, 2010

Working capital can make or break a business. Businesses that have customers lining up and stay busy can fall apart simply because it lacks cash flow. When you pay attention to your cash flow and understand how it flows in and out of the business, you can turn around cash flow problems fast.

The main principle to remember is a business needs to have more cash coming in than going out.

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