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Grow Your Business with Cold Calls

October 22, 2010

Before you even pick up the phone (or headset) to call the prospect, check your list. Are you targeting the right people or do you just cross your fingers and hope you get lucky? Why waste time with prospects that don't even meet your ideal customer requirements?

Before making calls to grow your business, verify your list. It takes time to ensure you have a targeted list, but imagine how much time it saves in calling the wrong people.

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Does Your Company's About Page Measure up?

October 16, 2010

We do our best to follow Seth Godin's five rules for an About page. These are the same rules we apply to our About page. Contact us if we missed something. (We've tried to make it easy for you to figure out how to contact us.) The marketing pro's five rules are:

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U.S. Shale Plays: Marcellus, Pearsall and New Albany

October 15, 2010

This is part three of our tour of shale plays around the U.S. beginning in the Appalachian Basin working down south to the Maverick Basin, the home of Pearsall Shale and then on to New Albany in Illinois.

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Natural Gas Shale Plays in the U.S.: Conasauga, Fayetteville, Floyd

October 14, 2010

Thanks to advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technology and techniques, the natural gas industry has grown since 2006. These highlight some of the plays where you'll find exploration and production companies working.

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U.S. Oil and Gas Shale Plays: Bakken, Barnett, Chattanooga

October 13, 2010

Technology advancements in drilling have helped the gas and oil industry see more profit in recent years and wake up older inactive shale plays. You may know about the Barnetts, Marcelluses and Haynesvilles -- but there are other plays worth knowing about.

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Michigan's Antrim Shale

August 20, 2010

Located in the Michigan Basin, Antrim Shale is a late Devonian age formation that spills over into Indiana and Ohio. Originally named St. Cleric, Antrim contains mostly organic-rich upper and lower black shale with middle gray shale or limestone.

Antrim's first production hit in 1940, but it wasn't until the 1980s when the play took off. The majority of the action occurs over approximately 39,000 square miles in Antrim, Crawford, Kalkaska, Missaukee, Montmorency, Oscoda and Otsego Counties.

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BP Oil Spill Dissolving Quickly

August 17, 2010

Unless you've taken a vacation and shut yourself off from the news, you know that BP's CEO Tony Hayward is stepping down and heading to Russia to work with TNK-BP, a BP joint venture. The move will allow the company to rebuild itself, if it can survive and stay in business.

BP has been working on relief wells for a long time. Now, the effort may not need the almost completed wells because the "static kill" may do the job. Static kill involves spraying mud and cement at the well to plug it. BP says it will continue working on the relief wells as a safety measure.

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Overview of Haynesville Shale: A Star in the Making

July 14, 2010

Haynesville is the star of its own movie directed by Gregory Kallenberg. Haynesville premiered at South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival last March. The film explores Haynesville at two levels: one is the personal level and the other is the big picture in the future of energy and how Haynesville fits.

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Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas Overview

July 12, 2010

Fayetteville Shale takes up about 4,000 square miles of the Arkoma basin in Central and Eastern Arkansas. Fayetteville's rock resembles the characteristics in Texas' Barnett Shale in the Fort Worth basin with its Mississippian age black organic-rich rock. According to the Energy Information Administration in the U.S. Department of Energy, Arkansas is the seventh largest producer of natural gas in the U.S.

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Financing Oilfeild Services Business with the SBA 504 Program

July 09, 2010

The government is offering lower rates, no-fee contracts and other incentives to support small business growth. While incentives sound great, do your due diligence even with a government-backed loan. Before working with Small Business Administration (SBA) or a private lender, compare fees and terms, ask questions, research financing options and know your oilfield services business needs before signing on the dotted line.

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