You and Your Clients Can Expect First Class Service

To provide you with financial services, Capital Solutions Oilfield Services Division may need to communicate with your clients. It sounds scary for another company to represent your business -- rest assured, we work with your clients just like we work with you: professionally and respectfully. Ultimately, how we treat your client affects your relationship with us.

Most clients won't notice changes

The only changes your clients see are the name they make the check to and where they send it. Most people don't think anything of it. They just spend a few minutes updating the addressee information and move on.

You can request we send a letter signed by you to your clients. The letter explains the changes using language that ensures you and your clients feel comfortable.

Your clients rarely, if ever, hear from us beyond the introductory letter

Your client's relationship is with you and we do all we can to keep it that way. If we contact your client, it's to do the following:

  • Send a notification letter with details about the payment change. The first time we fund one of your client's invoices, they will receive a letter signed by you. The letter talks about the payment change and where to send payment. Someone in your client's office will note the changes and file the letter.
  • Verify an invoice. To pay you for your invoice, Capital Solutions Oilfield Services may need to validate the invoice. One of our employees may contact your client to verify they received the products or services referenced in your invoice and confirm they're happy with the quality with no plans to request a credit for the service or return the product.
  • Follow up on an overdue invoice. Most clients pay on time, so they never receive a call from us. On the rare occasion, a late-paying customer needs a friendly reminder to pay the outstanding invoice. When this happens, we contact you first for your advice on how to handle the situation. In fact, you can contact the client if you prefer. If any outstanding invoices come up, you'll know right away from the weekly reports you receive from us.

Your clients are our clients. Your clients will receive nothing less than excellence from us. To learn more about getting help with your financing needs, please contact us.