Worried about financing and running your oilfield services company?

Now more than ever, banks turn down financing and awarding lines of credit to businesses like your oilfield services company with a solid history. So how can you grow your business when the banks won't give you the working capital you need? No wonder you have a headache from the financial stress.

Besides, you work in oilfield services because you're passionate about the oil and gas business. Making payroll, managing cash flow and paying vendors shouldn't overtake your job. You'd rather spend most of your time seeking creative ways to grow the business, boost income, discover new opportunities and make customers smile.

You can cut your time spent on finances and payment and devote more time to the stuff you love doing by working with Capital Solutions Oilfield Services Division where you get a solution tailored to your goals. A one-size-fits-all capital solution is not acceptable for you.

Capital Solutions Oilfield Division Services

  • Invoice Financing: Receive cash the same day you submit your invoices instead of waiting for the 30 days -- or longer -- for customers to pay. No more waiting for cash to come in today. Take a look at this comparison chart with a traditional factoring company.
  • Buy an Oilfield Services Company: Working with Capital Solutions Bancorp, you get the needed working capital before, during and after the buy/sell. We also manage the installment payments for you.
  • Purchase Order Financing: Come across an incredible offer or a big order? With purchase order financing, you can take advantage of the offer to buy the needed materials from suppliers to grow your business.
  • Purchase Order Guarantee: Secure the credit and the payment terms you need with our help as your partner.