Five Fast Steps to Funding


Time Interval

STEP 1: Initial Interview

  • Discuss business operations and financing needs.
  • Provide current A/R aging report.

24 to 48 hours


STEP 2: Proposal

  • Prepare non-binding proposal.
  • Sign and return the proposal and short application form.

24 to 48 hours


STEP 3: Underwriting

  • Run credit checks credit on principals, company and selected customers.
  • Do a preliminary UCC search (to determine existing liens) and filing.

24 to 48 hours


STEP 4: Closing

  • Review and sign closing documents sent by Fedex.
  • Mail notification letters to customers.

2 to 4 days


STEP 5: Funding

  • Wire funds into your bank account;
    (prior payoff of outgoing lender, if any)

24 hours

This timeframe, to a large degree, depends on how fast you can send us information (we work under the "same day turnaround" rule, which means we process and send out information the same day it comes in.

If you're ready to take the first step in the process, make sure you ask questions and contact us for a brief conversation to learn more about gettung funding for your invoices.