Grow Your Oilfield Services Business

One call. One email. That's all it takes to stop worrying about money and start focusing on the activities you want to do. Getting cash gives you more time because you won't spend it contacting clients who are late with their payments or figure out how to balance your company's cash flow.

Getting cash and working capital lets you do the work you love to do and spend more time in other areas to grow your business:

  • Connect with clients. Check in with your clients more often to ensure your oilfield services business meets their needs. Spend more time listening to clients to find out if there are gaps or ways you can better serve them.
  • Improve customer service. When you go to a restaurant, how often do you expect the waiter to come check on you? How long are you willing to wait to give your order? Get drink refills? When you spend less time chasing down payments, you'll have more time to check on your clients to ensure you're meeting their needs and addressing any problems.
  • Create new accounts. How is the sales team doing? Now that you have more time, you can check in on your sales team to make sure they have all the tools and know all the sales fundamentals to get the job done to land more business. If they have all that, then training may be the next logical step.
  • Develop new products and services. As you visit clients more often, you'll be able to listen more and get ideas for new products and services. Find out what else you can do for clients.
  • Do more marketing. No matter how busy a business is, a company must always be marketing. It takes time to find prospects, connect with them, get them into the sales cycle, make the deal, do the work and get paid. More time for marketing also means more time to update your website, network in Facebook and Twitter, write blog entries and improve your company's standing in search engines.

When you get the cash you need, you can finally stop putting off the things you want to do and start taking advantage of opportunities. Contact us for a no obligation conversation.