Meet a few simple qualifications today and get funded tomorrow

You can expect one of the easiest qualification requirements when you work with the Oilfield Services Division of Capital Solutions Bancorp for your financing needs. Many companies like yours have met the requirements.

Here are the requirements. If you meet them, you will receive a customized funding solution that works for you.

Basic requirements for funding

  • Your company must be a business-to-business (B2B) company. Your buyers are businesses rather than individuals.
  • Your company earns over $1 million in yearly sales.
  • Your company must be incorporated in the U.S.
  • Your company must deliver your product or service to the customer followed with an invoice.
  • Your company should have at least two clients.
  • Your company must have a history of short pays or minimal returns.
  • Your company must complete the short application form, provide a copy of your articles of incorporation and sign our financing agreement.
  • Your products must be sent directly from your vendor to your client for purchase order financing and purchase guaranty.

Businesses with the following requirements won't be a good fit

Our expertise best serves those meeting the aforementioned requirements. We're not the best company for oilfield businesses with the these traits:

  • Companies that are business-to-consumer (B2C) that sell to individuals instead of other businesses.
  • Companies that are in construction and do "progress billing" such AIA contracts.
  • Companies that bill medical insurance companies like Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Companies with tight gross margins that are less than 10 percent.
  • Companies that have pledged their receivables to other secured lenders that aren't going to be paid or aren't willing to subordinate themselves.
  • Companies that owe taxes or have liens, unless a payment plan is being negotiated or in place.
  • Companies where any of its owners have substantial derogatory personal credit such as tax liens, significant judgments or repossessions.

Get an initial assessment on your funding qualifications

You may not be sure whether you meet the requirements. Contact us for an initial no obligation assessment of whether your business meets our qualifications for financing or not.

This involves a short conversation with one of our principals to help us understand what your business does and how you want your business to grow. To speed the conversation, please have your accounts receivable aging report handy to give us an idea of what your billings look like.

After we talk and review your accounts receivable report, we will give you an answer within hours of the conversation letting you know whether you qualify for funding.