Oilfield Services Simple-to-Understand Guarantee from Capital Solutions

We want you to be absolutely thrilled with our oilfield services. And we do not want you to feel locked in if you decide to try us out and then determine our services do not fit your needs.

That is why if, within the 30 days of our first funding, you are not absolutely thrilled with our services, not only can you leave at any time with no questions asked, and no penalties, but we will also refund you all the fees we earned.

That is even better than a "risk-free" guarantee. Why? Simply because if, within 30 days you decide to leave our deal, you will have used our money for free! Where else can you get a deal like that?

How can we make this offer? Simple. We are convinced that your oilfield services company can greatly benefit from our oilfield-services division. After serving companies like yours for decades, we are willing to stand behind our belief and put our money on the line to prove it to you.

Every guarantee has fine print... except ours

Here is the fine print on our guarantee: There is no fine print.

No legalese. No fine print. No "gotcha" clauses. No games.

What the guarantee says is what the guarantee means. It is just that simple.

Learn more about the oilfield loan oilfield services that Capital Solutions provides or contact us to find out how we can help your oilfield-services company grow.