Questions to Ask When Interviewing Financing Sources

As you seek financing to grow your business, you may discover the financing process is daunting with different types of lenders and financing options. To make it easier, here's list of common questions that companies like yours ask when looking for the right funding partner.

How are you different from a bank?

Please see the chart comparing our business with banks.

Are you a broker or a lender?

Capital Solutions is a lender. Learn the difference between brokers and lenders.

How do you interact with my customers?

Capital Solutions believes your relationship with your customer is your most important asset and we treat your customer with equal care if they were our own customers.

What do you look at to determine whether or not my business qualifies for a loan or other financial program?

Capital Solutions has simple, easy-to-qualify, requirements that do not go through a long, bureaucratic approval process.

Do your clients have a credit line amount? If so, what do you base it on?

Capital Solutions does not impose credit lines. The amount of money we can make available to you is based on your company's ability to produce valid invoices.

If my business grows quickly, will your financing keep up with my business' pace?

Capital Solutions funding grows as fast as you do. As your company grows, the amount of funding we can offer also grows. We are in this together and that means our growth depends on your growth.

What restrictions and costs do you place on ending a financing agreement with you? If I decide to leave the relationship after three months, would it cost me anything? If so, how much?

Capital Solutions allows you to end our arrangement at any time at no risk or cost to you. Guaranteed.

May I get references to contact about the quality of service your firm provides?

We will give you references so you can learn about the quality of our services. You can also check what past and current clients say.

Do you require personal guarantee from the owners of my company?

Since we rely mostly on your receivables to provide you with funding, you won't need personal guarantees when working with Capital Solutions.

Do you, the lender, bear the risk if your customer enters bankruptcy or do I?

Capital Solutions will bear the risk for any invoice owed by a customer of yours that enters bankruptcy. You will not owe a dime.

When I send you my invoices, how fast do you send funds to me? Capital Solutions often sends money the same day we receive the invoices. How do you send the money and what are the charges for expedited services like wire transfers?

Capital Solutions always wires your funds for same-day availability to you. We charge you what the wire services change us — currently $14 per wire.

With whom would I be dealing with on a daily basis?

Clients of Capital Solutions deal with an experienced business finance expert — usually the operations manager — who is fully empowered to make funding decisions.

Do you have a credit committee?

Capital Solutions does not have a credit committee.

How do you calculate your fees? Are they a "flat" fee (example, a 4 percent flat), or are they proportional to time? Are there any "line fees," "maintenance fees," "monthly fees" and so on?

Capital Solutions fees — amongst the lowest in the market — are determined by the time we need to wait for payment by your clients, which is the fairest way to calculate them. Your actual rate is based on the volume of invoices you ask us to fund. We do not charge any line or maintenance fees.

Do I have to have ALL my customer's invoices funded if I work with you?

Capital Solutions can fund all of your invoices or just the ones you pick. It is up to you.

How long does it take to get me (client) signed up? What are the set-up fees and are they refundable if our deal doesn't go through?

It takes Capital Solutions only a few days and five steps to set up funding. We have a minimal one time set-up fee that's fully refundable.

If you have more questions, please contact us and one of our business finance experts will answer them.