Why the Oilfield Services Division of Capital Solutions is your best choice

If your oilfield service company needs funding, you may want to review the list of questions to ask prospective lenders to ensure you make an informed decision that's best for you and for your company. You'll also find our answers to questions so you can see why Oilfield Services Division of Capital Solutions is different from banks and other private lenders.

Once you see why oil and gas service companies like yours work with us, please contact us to ask how you can grow your business.

Oilfield Services helps many oil and gas companies grow

Oilfield services companies experience unique financing needs and obstacles. Capital Solutions' executives have helped grow companies facing the same challenges yours does.

To ensure you get the help you need, we've structured our services to work with your needs, something bankers don't do. This structure provides you with first-rate customer service, direct access to decision makers and optimal flexibility that adapts to the nonstop changes in your business and in the oil and gas industry.

Get more choices and flexibility from the Oilfield Services Division

Today's 24/7 business environment can cause any business' situation to change in an instant. Because of this, you have options and flexibility when working with Capital Solutions' Oilfield Services including:

  • Receiving a specially designed solutions based on what you need.
  • Getting a process that work with your system, not the other way around.
  • Deciding how much or how little you want to work with us.
  • Choosing which customers we finance for you.
  • Handling collections or let us do it for you.
  • Having a risk-free oilfield services guarantee with no fine print and no gotchas.
  • Ending the relationship at any time without penalties, pressure or questions.

Get your money fast and lower your risk

After becoming an established client, you can expect to see 99% of your receivables financed the same day you submit your invoices. No more waiting 30 days or longer for payment.

You receive your money by wire instead of a check, so you'll have the funds available within 30 minutes after the wire submission. After all, financing should move as fast as your oilfield services business does.

Capital Solutions-funded invoices not only get the money to you faster, but also cuts your risk. If your client files for bankruptcy, we assume the risk of non-payment. If your client goes out of business, it won't be your problem.

Easy qualification and lower fees

Your credit is not a concern when it comes to qualifying for funding services. The focus is on your potential instead of your financial statements and collateral. If you meet simple qualifying criteria, you will receive funding. You'll also pay one of the lowest financing rates in the industry when you work with Capital Solution's Oilfield Services Division.

You can count on low fees and an easy approval process. Your customized solution will meet your oil and gas business needs without the long-term contracts and termination fees.

Frequently updated reports

Oilfield services clients are a partner in the financing process. And successful partners ensure they have all the information they need so they can make informed business decisions.

That's why you'll receive detailed reports about payments, outstanding invoices, fees every time a new transaction or other change occurs. With this detailed information, you can check its accuracy -- and it will be accurate every single time.

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